The Spinnerstown Way is what makes the difference between our full service restaurant, and all the others. Ingredients are often locally sourced for our extensive drink selection and our impressive cuisine. Warm and professional staff members help to create a memorable experience for every individual that comes through our door. We couldn’t do any of it without our amazing community that surrounds us.

Susan and John Dale of the Spinnerstown Hotel


One mile from the Quakertown exit off the Pennsylvania turnpike in scenic Upper Bucks County, The Spinnerstown Hotel is a staple of Bucks and Lehigh Counties. The historic hotel, updated and expanded by John and Susan Dale, remains a favorite of locals and tourists. It offers distinct dining experiences from a rustic tap room with 18 rotating taps to a more formal dining room with linens, hand painted walls and ceilings, and a Mercer tile fireplace. An outdoor barn-roof deck permits enjoyment of the pastoral setting. A second floor features private dining space for any number of events such as business dinners and Christmas parties.

We have a relentless passion to provide an atmosphere where friends and family continue to gather. We believe in putting quality things like food, beverage and service on the table while family and friends gather to put thoughts and ideas on the table. Dining is a moment in time where all things are enjoyed together for a pleasurable experience.

Your experience will be met with a smile, warmed with hospitality and filled with exceptional food and drink!


The Spinnerstown Hotel has been serving the public since the Summer of 1811, when David Spinner, Jr. obtained a license to operate a tavern at the crossroads of his family’s property.


He ran the tavern until 1819, when he was appointed Justice of the Peace for the community, a position that was previously held by the elder David Spinner, a famous potter and craftsman whose creations are today prized as examples of early Pennsylvania German folk art.


Although David Spinner, Jr. remained the owner of the property, which he simply called “The Inn,” until his death in 1866, he rented the tavern to a succession of innkeepers throughout his lifetime, including his son, Edwin Spinner, who, in 1857 was the first to name the establishment as the “Spinnerstown Hotel.”


From its earliest days as a resting place between Philadelphia and New York in the young America Republic, the Spinnerstown Hotel has retained its charm and position as a community mainstay. Our family purchased the landmark establishment on June 10, 1959 and we are proud to say that we have owned and operated the “Hotel” longer than any of the proprietors that came before us. We hope to continue to welcome you into our friendly atmosphere for many years to come by offering traditional and innovative cuisine, spirits and warm hospitality.

Spinny Bottle Shop


A bottle shop adjacent to the bar provides patrons with a generous selection of domestic, craft, and imported beer and wine. Advantageous to the public is an extended wine permit that enables the proprietors to also sell bottles from their extensive and attentively curated wine list—which earned a Wine Spectator Award of Excellence the past two years—normally reserved for dine-in guests only. This represents an excellent opportunity to splurge on a celebration-worthy vintage (or two). High quality and limited edition beer has long been synonymous with Spinnerstown, and hopheads relish the vast array of brews presented in varying configurations of cans, bottles, and growlers in 32- and 64-ounce sizes.